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5 Shocking Beauty Secrets From Ancient World History

Mythological Helena, most beautiful of women and ultimate price of Troy, was born from an egg laid by her mother Leda. Leda had been impregnated by a handsome swan (the god Zeus in disguise) - a feat perhaps assisted by the fact that swans are among the very few birds species (less than 3%) whose males possess a penis. Picture: Helen of Troy by Evelyn de Morgan (1898, London)

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Helen of Troy - the daughter of Zeus and Leda, Helen was the Queen of Sparta and considered the most beautiful woman who ever lived. Her abduction by Paris led to the Trojan War. She is portrayed here by Diane Kruger.

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tallgirltales: All that glitters is not gold. Oscar de la Renta | Pre-Fall 2012 [via thatluciegirl:oscarprgirl]

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