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Spartan General Pausanias. Pausanias was a Spartan general of the 5th century BCE, responsible for the Greek victory over Mardonius and the Persians at the Battle of Plataea in 479 BCE, and was the leader of the Hellenic League created to resist Persian aggression during the Greco-Persian Wars.


Seen here is a map of the Etruscan territory. You can see just how massive and expansive the territory is in the orange area that's taking up all of Northern Italy and the Western coast.


An excellent illustration by Angus McBride of warriors from the area of Boeotia, which was a region of central Greece, north of Athens. Two of the city-states which were prominent in the defense of Thermopylae (480 BC) were from the Boeotian city-states of Thebes and Thespiae. The Theban warrior to the far right has the club of Heracles (Herakles) shield device, while the serpent emblem signified warriors was from the clan of Theban Spartioi (Spartoi). It should be noted that there despite…


Two Peloponnesian era-hoplites. At the top right, a Spartan sporting the locks that Lakedaemonians are famous for, as well as a pilos helm. The bottom left portrays a hoplite in a standard tube and yoke with a Chalcidian helmet, and bearing a cockerel as his episemon, which could show him as being a native of Amyklai. The description of the art however, identifies him as a perioikoi. Art by Steve Noon