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Hennessy Price

Hennessy XO comes in a 70 cl bottle and is at 40 % ABV. This cognac is a blendof quite some crus: Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies and Fin Bois. This bottle is a flagship of the Grande Maison de Hennessy - and its decanter was designed in 1947. Price: 149 €


Hennessey Venom GT one of the Worlds fastest production car 270.49 mph ... Who needs that stupid bullet train in California when you can get there faster in this fine beast? - LP -


AWESOME K9 Heroes from left to right: A Mckenna Price and MWD Dio, Shannon Hennessy and MWD Katya, Amanda Urie and MWD Hal, Jessie Keller Johnson and MWD Chrach ♥