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Depression- How to Find Healing with Herbs

Find out about the different types of depression, and herbs you can use to help manage them!

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7 Foods that Relieve Anxiety and Depression Your diet – what you eat, when and how much – can definitely affect both how you look and FEEL! The right foods, herbs and vitamins can cause you to feel energized, confident, happy and help you think clearly. Or… They can cause you to feel #anxiety, #panicattacks, “moodiness”, decreased energy levels and even cause #depression. Make sure you read the “Additional Suggestions” at the link for 2 additional methods.

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12 Herbs and Spices for Depression (and Resources

I have compiled a list of 12 Herbs and Spices that are possibly good for Depression. I have also included some excellent resources to help with Depression as well as info on a book that can uplift anyone dealing with life's hardships.

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By WTStaff January 19, 2015 15 Herbal Teas for Every Ailment

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While I’ve used Turmeric for 8 years with happy results (no pun intended) for its anti-inflammatory effects and truly amazing Alzheimer-prevention powers, I did not realize that it was also a painkiller and natural mood elevator of the first order! Evidence: No-Side-Effect Turmeric Beats Prozac, Ibuprofen & More - Deep Roots at Home

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The Many Beneficial Types of Ayurveda Massage

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12 Herbs and Spices for Depression (and Resources

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