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Mountain Chief (Ninastoko, 1848-1942, last hereditary chief of the Piegan Blackfeet) and Sons. Major Eugene Baker had been looking for him when he blundered into Heavy Runner's band and the result was the Marias Massacre, 1870. Mountain Chief and his band had escaped to Canada.

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Arundel Castle, birthplace of Baroness Lady Nicole dAubigny Dudley (1210 - 1254) my 24th great grandmother

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Sir Francis Galton Biostatistician, human geneticist and eugenicist. Born at The Larches, Sparkbrook, Birmingham, a half-cousin of Charles Darwin. An enthusiastic traveller, particularly in Africa. Darwin's publication of 'The Origin of Species' caused him to become immersed in the study of heredity. He invented the term 'eugenics' (the science of creating superior offspring), and refined the system of identifying fingerprints. Knighted in 1909

Bronzino - Cosimo I de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany by petrus.agricola, via Flickr

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Walter FitzAlan Stewart, High Steward Scotland - was the 1st hereditary High Steward of Scotland (ca. 1150-1177), and described as "a Norman by culture and by blood a Breton". He was the third son of a Breton knight, Alan fitz Flaad, feudal lord of Oswestry, by his spouse Aveline, daughter of Ernoulf de Hesdin.

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"Sir William Marshal (1147–1219) was an English (or Anglo-Norman) soldier and statesman [who some have] described as the 'greatest knight that ever lived.' He served Henry II, Richard the Lionheart, King John, and Henry III—and rose from obscurity to become a regent of England for Henry III. Before him, the hereditary title of "Marshal" meant head of household security for the king of England; by the time he died, people throughout Europe referred to him simply as "the Marshal."

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