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hermes tattoo | Hermes Mercury Wings Tattoo by The Red Parlour Tattoo Woodside Queens ...

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Greek Mythology Hermes was the Messenger of the gods. His shoes had wings and wings on the ankles are popular tattoos representing freedom, speed and grace.

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Found this on an inspirational website with lots of exercises, daily tips and motivation

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Your Get-Fit Tattoos -- Revealed!

"I chose this tattoo for many reasons -- I was, and always will be, a cross-country runner. Along with being an English teacher, I know that I want to be a coach. I also like that the wings are connected to mythology. They represent Hermes, the messenger with winged sandals. This way, I get to put running and English together -- two passions, one tattoo!"

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Super Feminine Ankle Tattoo Examples

Pinner says-Love it, want to get matching Hermes ankle wings tattoo w/my big sis because we are forever runners!

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wing tattoos i want some wing tattoos on my shoulders, and some small bird tattoos on my wrist D:

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