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USA Network Fills Schedule with Hero Dramas to Lure New Audience

No more “hero” dramas and no more “victim” dramas. No more “too much” dramas, and no more “not enough” dramas. No more “you hate me” or “I hate you” dramas. No more dramas about the sad, sorry past, and no more dramas about the big, scary future. No more “my life is crap, and yours is so much better” dramas. We all have so much to be grateful for. Soul Letters for the Cancer Sojourner #23 No More Dramas

Netflix’s Love proves that prestige comedies have become as common as anti-hero dramas | National Post

Lee Jun Ki dancing in Hero - drama.


Neighborhood Hero (Drama - 2016)


Local Heroes Drama Queen Denim Shirt | Forever 21 - 2000141771


Oedipus Rex Infographic | Course Hero