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Heroic Definition

There are plenty of picture-perfect beaches in The @MargaretRiver Region and Redgate Beach is definitely a favourite for locals and surfers. Despite its outstanding beauty, the coastline was associated with some eighty ship wrecks in the late 1800s and on a calm day you can spot the shipwrecked SS Georgette lying just off the coast. Be sure to visit the Grace Bussell Memorial Plaque to learn all about the heroic rescue of most of the ship’s inhabitants that took place. Photo credit…

The media must not excuse the racism, misogyny, nativism, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia because we think Trump voters have legitimate gripes.


Super rad vintage fire truck! It has such a story to tell from it's years of service. Taking inspiration for heroic pasts and using it to inspire the future is definitely something we love to do! :)

from The Art of Manliness

Male Rites of Passages From Around the World

8 Interesting (And Insane) Male Rites of Passages From Around the World

Heroic Fantasy Still playing around with drawing differently! It’s making me explore different themes too.. I’m not all that comfortable drawing THIS world( it’s roughly Conan the Barbarian) but it’s definitely fun to explore! #pascalcampion


Live a life of real life fairy tales. Enjoy the adventures while you have them, but face the dragons with courage when they come.


Heroes are my life. No joke, Christ the LORD has saved me. And i love superheroes like Superman, the avengers, etc. And i also love the heroic underdogs such as Percy Jackson, Tris Prior, Katniss Everdeen, etc. Heroes= my life