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Heroic Meaning

Thank you is not enough for what our soldiers have sacrificed for our country. Please keep them in mind and say a little prayer for them every once in a while for they are the reason we have the freedom to do so.


Baby Girl Name: Ilyana (illy-ahna). Meaning: Sun Ray. Origin: In Romanian folklore it is the name of a princess kidnapped by monsters and rescued by a heroic knight.


SPQR is short for a Latin phrase - Senatus Populusque Romanus, meaning the “Senate and the People of Rome”. Through these letters we are reminded as to whom Rome truly belongs: the people. The words were symbolic of Rome’s identity as a state belonging to the people and the Senate, whose members were selected by the Roman citizens.


It's time for #AmericanEnglish Synonym Sunday! Check out our graphic for synonyms of the word "brave." All of these words are adjectives and similar in meaning to "brave": courageous, heroic, fearless, dauntless, gallant, gutsy, bold & valiant. Are you brave?


Winning Trust: 50 Proven Ways to Make Your Business Look Professional Online

Use this heroic list of 50 proven ways to make your business look professional online to boost your brand cred and be more successful. The tips here will help you be a trusted, respected authority online, meaning you get the followers you want and the clients + customers you need.


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