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Hi Five Meaning

On the 12th time I watched it, snk gave to me: 12 soccer-scout balls 11 down the hatch (hi eren) 10 of nick's nails 9 reiss 'members' 8th best's mom's a Titan 7 decapitated children 6 missing blades (ur fcked) 5 EATEN FRIENDS!!!!!! 4 Levi squad deaths 3 Main Orphans 2 halves of Marco And a teammate smashed against a tree

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Scoot Game for Math Comparison Signs

Scoot Game for Comparison Signs Hi Teaching Friends!Everybody loves Scoot! Here's a free game for practicing comparing expressions using greater than less than and equal signs. Check out the post for five ways to get more miles out of every set of Scoot cards that you print! Happy Teaching! greater than and less than Linda Nelson math meaning of equal sign PreK--2 Primary Inspiration Scoot


I made up something like this last year for summer school. I'd say, "Give me 5." Kids would have to raise their little paws, give me their 2 eyes, 2 ears, and one closed mouth to show me they were being respectful, good listeners and ready to learn. It was effective at getting their attention.


Italian Hot Chocolate

Italian Hot Chocolate Picture this: You’re walking down a cobbled street in a small Italian town. It’s dusk time, and the wind is cold and blustery. You look around for a place where you can get a ...

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