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A ring with hidden blades! Use cheap glue (obviously only in the middle, NOT over the blades) to cover the blades with a fake gem to disguise it! :D

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Concealed Knives Blue CIA Agent Comb with Hidden Knife CKBL Knives For Sale and Swords 2013 - Oh snap!

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Hidden Belt Buckle Knife

Look sharp - literally - with the hidden belt buckle knife. This premium leather belt will not only keep your pants up, but keep you safe when you walk through the sketchy parts of town with a razor sharp knife concealed within the inconspicuous belt buckle.

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Black and Purple Quilted Shoulderbag | Poupee Couture

This is the coolest (and only) necklace/self defense weapon I've ever seen. 'Kirpan Necklace' | Eina Ahluwalia #winbottica

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Lipstick Pistol (c. 1965, USSR, KGB issue) Referred to as "The Kiss of Death," the lipstick pistol was employed by KGB operatives during the Cold War. This 4.5 mm single shot weapon was disguised as a tube of lipstick, easily hidden in a purse. The existence of such a weapon was first detected at a border crossing into West Berlin.

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