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How to hide cords on open desks. This is awesome! This is the one I will be doing! Get that power strip off the floor! #organize

We can disguise that by threading the cord through a series of Command hooks placed along the back of the table, and down the leg. Make sure your hooks are smaller than the table legs so they don't poke out.

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Wifi is to be used--tirelessly and shamefully, yes--but never to be seen. At least in my opinion. If you too are in the eye-sore-hating business, I may just be your new best friend. You can use a document box (or cut out an old book) to hide that ungodly router. Game-changer. All you have to do is cut a nifty little hole through the back, through which you'll feed the cords, and ta-da! Never to be seen again. Doing Jesus's work here. Happy hiding, FKJ

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Just attach binder clips to the back of your desk with a washer and screw, and then run the cords through to keep them up and out of the way...

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