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High Elf Name Generator

Shakespeare Insult Generator: Thou Shall Say It Like Shakespeare

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This is a great My Little Pony name generator! Gives me a great excuse to bust out the MLP Pony Creator to bring my creation to life :P

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How to insult someone with class, Shakespeare Style - take one term from each column and preface with "Thou".

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Place Name Generator - This generator will help you find the perfect fictional names for the places in your book!

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If you are celebrating on New Year’s Eve, it’s vital you know your Drunken Elf Name before then so you can wear it with honor while celebrating. - Use this infographic from Zane Lamprey of Drinking Made Easy to figure our your Drunken Elf Name. - Whatever your resulting Drunken Elf Name, it’s guaranteed to be a really cool name.

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