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High Elf Names


*PLEASE CHANGE DESCRIPTION* The Rider's Greed Trilogy: Black Knight: Raylin Inspiration

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Sigdelva was never a deity attracted to orders and followings. Even so, she knew that at least some tether to humanity would be useful. So she decided to allow one High Priest/Priestess. This individual would have full access to the goddess's power, and it would be their sacred duty to protect all the wild places of Shalara. Her last High Priestess was an elf named Ellyar. But Aithar didn't want even one elf to belong to her. Ellyar was driven mad and destroyed, torn between the two deities.

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Based on Shakespeare's influence, the Fairy Queen or Queen of the Fairies was a figure from English folklore who was believed to rule the fairies and is is often named as Titania or Mab. In Irish folklore, the last High Queen of the Daoine Sidhe - and wife of the High King Finvarra - was named Oona (or Oonagh, or Una, or Uonaidh etc). In the ballad tradition of Northern England and Lowland Scotland, she was called the Queen of Elphame.

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Ardwen from @snetloc - Looks kinda like Árebar, huh?

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You might have heard about faerydoors before and even though we ask you to keep it a secret we can confirm it’s true, they do exist. might have opened quite a few yourselves an...

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Kelsohighlander's Second Age elf armor built out of linoleum.

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avali: Made a new Blood Elf paladin tonight, named Dalimath. I have to think of a bio for him, but I have something in mind. I made a short doodle of him while I was thinking since it helps me sort out my thoughts.

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