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This Ugly Sweater Party Christmas plotting points picture worksheet would be the perfect activity for my Middle School Math students right before Winter break. I love doing activities like this with my High School Algebra & Math students as well. I'm going to let them color them and then use them as classroom Christmas decorations! This will be a great way to get some coordinate graphing practice while still getting ready for Winter Break.


This is a good list of pointers to remember when decorating a classroom. I like visuals and would probably be guilty of putting up too much at one time. I loved the question "Do the walls need Ritalin?" as a reminder to tone it down!


The words on this doorway convey a message the Grant Library staff feels reflect their mission statement of a place that invites students to pause and ponder. More


I wanted to share a fun picture with you all! My darling mom starts her new job this year as a high school librarian – her DREAM JOB! Prior to being the school’s librarian, she was an administrator at the same school. Talk about a change, huh? Anyway, the school’s library has always been quite …