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Put down that salt shaker

PUT DOWN THAT SALT SHAKER. NOW. Want to look thinner in 3 weeks? Detox yourself of salt. Start checking the sodium levels on the ketchup, relish, mustard, pickles, mayonnaise, salad dressing, canned soups, boxed stuffing mixes, etc in your house. Reducing your sodium intake to 1500 mg a day or less will make you less bloated. Easy low-sodium substitutes for cooking.


A Plan to Reduce Salt Here is a plan to help you reduce your salt intake and finally quit using it in your daily diet because a diet that’s high in sodium can lead to high blood pressure and cause heart problems. Firstly we must recognize the food that is high in slat and the …


7 Extremely Delicious Low Sodium Recipes... - Diet [ more at ] There are many diets out there that tell you to eat this and not that and then the next day you can eat that but not this! It can all be a little confusing, but what's most important is to stay healthy, exercise, and eat things that are good for your heart and body. <strong>Low sodium recipes</strong> are great for those with high blood pressure or f... #Diet #Healthy #Chops #Breast #Skillet…