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Hijri Calendar

Islamic Calendar & Religious Occasions (For Kids) - Moms & Dads - Family -

Islamic Calendar & Religious Occasions (For Kids) - Moms & Dads - Family -


Hijri Calendar Quick Reference Chart for Kids


This number is very simple people going to visit the tomb of Hussein son Ali and his brother Abbas son Ali, and their grandfather was the prophet of Islam in the month ((Ashura), which is the month of Muharram in the Islamic year .. knowing that the Hijri months ahead of the calendar months to 11 days .. It marks this year this month ..

Explaining Muharram and The Hijri Calendar To Your Kids

Our Muslim Homeschool: Islamic Calendar for Children

Children’s Islamic Calendar We love using an Islamic calendar in our homeschool. Teaching the Islamic months is an important part of a...


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Saudi Arabia switches to 'Western' calendar. The birthplace of Islam containing Mecca - Islam's holiest site - shifted to the Western Gregorian calendar on Sunday bringing the oil-rich kingdom in line with many of its energy customers.

Printable Hijri Calendars from Islamic