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Country Dodged A Bullet. Bigtime !

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Hypocrits & those who vote for. Un-Americans.

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I DO! I DO!!! He Is All About America and Freedom

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Clinton was elected governor of Arkansas at the tender age of 32, but lost his first reelection bid. He was elected again two years later and served as governor for the next 12 years. Bill and Hillary Clinton's daughter Chelsea was born in 1980 at the end of Governor Clinton's first term.

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Hey Hillary and Obama I hear that Cuba has a job opening for you. Either one of you can replace Fidel Castro.

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Oh nooooo... BWHAHAHAHAHA!!! Awwww... Hillary, three times a loser...

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Shove your executive orders up your a$$...having a lil prob getting into elite golf clubs because of your UN antics against the truth will come out about you

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How many voted for illary. Lock them all up.

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So true!

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