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These Quotes From Hillary Clinton's Concession Speech Are A Must-Read For Any Feminist

On Wednesday, Nov. Hillary Clinton gave the speech that many people are still in disbelief that she'd ever have to give — her concession to Donald Trump. The election of Trump as America's next president-elect has shocked countless citizens, and o

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Clinton was elected governor of Arkansas at the tender age of 32, but lost his first reelection bid. He was elected again two years later and served as governor for the next 12 years. Bill and Hillary Clinton's daughter Chelsea was born in 1980 at the end of Governor Clinton's first term.

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Constitutional Amendments (In case you forgot) RECENTLY ADDED: Amendment 13: Hillary Clinton as well as Barack Obama shall not be held accountable for any stautes of the law that would lawfully allow prosecution. (Well, it may as well be).. READ THEM

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Hillary Clinton- Despite what anyone's political views may be, there's no doubt that she is one of the most intelligent and inspiring women of our time. She gets it done and takes sh*t from no one.

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It might not seem revolutionary now to say "women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights"—but in 1995, in China, it was. Hear Hillary describe what it was like to stand behind the podium and say those words.

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