Empaths & narcissists are magnetically drawn to one another, but the empaths will ultimately pay a high price. #instagram

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During a life crisis, you can lose sight of your motivation and even reason for living. Here are 11 quotes to remember when you're having a life crisis...

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Now I see you. ..the mask removed. A recovery from narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse.https://www.facebook.com/thelostself

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Who does this sound like?: Controlling BULLY Threatens and intimidates RAGES THROWS TANTRUMS Never accountable Hypocrit PROJECTS Arrogant Condescending Demands, commands, orders DOES NOT LISTEN KNOW IT ALL Charming, externally Entitled

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You!!! Labeling again and again and again...I refuse to let you or anyone else get to me and I am living my life my way..I know who I am and I do not need your approval or consent...to bad your not happy with me standing up for myself..get over it!!!

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There’s a series of events that can often be identified before infidelity actually occurs in a marriage. We call it "The Cheater’s Cascade." As #staymarried reminds us, at every step there is an opportunity to turn back.

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Running into you two years later makes a huge difference! We are both in different points in life than before, but on the same page now. So thankful

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