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Anybody who has ever observed a lotus flower emerging from a murky pond cannot fail to see the beauty of this exquisite plant. The flower always looks so clean and pure against the background of the dirty pond. Because of this the lotus flower has come to be associated with purity and beauty in the religions of Buddhism and Hinduism respectively. The lotus has been a symbol of purity since before the time of the Buddha and it blooms profusely in Buddhist art and literature. Its roots are…


Nataraja Symbolism. A depiction of the god Shiva as the cosmic dancer who performs his divine dance to destroy a weary universe and make preparations for the god Brahma to start the process of creation. Dancing is seen as an art in which the artist and the art s/he creates are one and the same, thought to evoke the oneness of God and creation.


ॐ Swastika: created in Ancient India, is an important symbol in Hinduism. It is wrongly attributed to Nazis, who created a fake "Aryan Invasion Theory", which historians have now proven to be false. This Hinduism symbol was then adopted by the Greeks and Egyptians who were influenced by Hindu culture of India. 卐