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A Day Trip to Hiroshima, Japan

Hiroshima, Japan Day Trip from Kyoto. Ride the shinkansen train, how to get around Hiroshima with public transportation, what to see, where to eat lunch.


10 things to do Hiroshima


Images of Japanese Culture | map of Japan

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Exploring the Hiroshima Peace Park

Take a stroll through the monuments and world heritage site of the Hiroshima Peace Park, Japan


This interactive map shows all 2624 nuclear detonations, since 1945. It contains all the known nuclear detonations, including non-military use of nuclear devices for the exploration and extraction of minerals, testing bombs and explosions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. it does not display nuclear accidents.

Map of the Holocaust in Poland during the Second World War (1939-1945) at the time of German occupation of Poland. This map shows all German Nazi extermination camps (or death camps), prominent concentration, labor and prison camps, major prewar Polish cities with ghettos set up by Nazi Germany, major deportation routes and major massacre sites.

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Hiroshima Map Offers Cat’s-Eye View

Hiroshima Map Offers Cat’s-Eye View: Hiroshima prefecture has designed a purr-fect map for tourists wishing to see some of its attractions from a different angle. The prefecture on Tuesday launched a website with what it calls the world’s first “cat’s-eye view” street map, through which users can explore some locations in Onomichi city from a more grounded perspective. They decided on a cat’s-eye view because Onomichi, a port town known for its large number of cats, is also home to a museum…


1 Hiroshima 2012 med.jpg Hiroshima 2012 - Diane Savona This map shows a section of the city nearest to the blast epicenter, with the rivers forming long black verticals, crossed by connecting white bridges.