Historical Inflation Rate- Annual Inflation rates from 1913 to the present |InflationData.com

What to Consider Before Buying an Investment Property The housing market is rebounding and interest rates are still low, meaning an investment property might make a lot of sense for you. Before you move forward with purchasing an investment property, take note of these considerations. Rental Property If your property doesn’t generate rental income, you are counting on it increasing in value at a rate higher than inflation. Look at the market that you’re considering and if historically...

Historical Inflation Rate Data Chart

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5 Razones por las que no deberia vender por si mismo | Keeping Current Matters http://www.keepingcurrentmatters.com/es/2014/08/18/5-reasons-you-shouldnt-for-sale-by-owner-2/

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Historical UK inflation rates and calculator--useful for figuring out the cost of tuition (page 89), which in 1984 pounds was 5000 but in 2016 would be over 15,000!

Figure 9. World oil production and price. Production is based on BP, plus author's estimate for 2016. Historical oil prices are calculated based on a higher than usual recent inflation rate, assuming Shadowstats' view of inflation is correct.

Comparing the inflated cost of living today from 1938 to 2013: How the US Dollar has lost incredible purchasing power since 1938.

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