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It’s not just a company—it’s a community.

6) "If, with all the advantages I've had, I can't make a living, I'm just no good, I guess." - An unemployed Texas schoolteacher, 1933


Legendary Junior Johnson Impala SS RPO Z33 Mk II 427. Quote" if there's a board in my house that wasn't bought with moonshine, I'd take it out and replace it with one that was"

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Puritan Valentine's Day Cards

I thought to write you a love poem. For that thought I have beaten myself with a rough branch each night hence. (Puritan Valentines Day Cards - College Humor)

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School of Thought | Harriet Tubman Collegiate Crew


"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old but on building the new" - Socrates. Perfect quote to remember. You may have debt, you may have made mistakes with your finances. You can turn things around. It is never too late, instead focus on small improvements. Listen to Dave Ramey for his Baby Steps or talk with blooom. We are here to help