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Well Conservatives, you've got what you wanted, I hope we don't seriously regret it once again -- History has a very strong tendency to repeat itself under Republican dominance!!


Reminder that DAPL was re-routed through Standing Rock because Bismarck's residents feared it could poison their drinking water. The Sioux are literally being forced at gunpoint to accept ecological risks that North Dakota's white residents refused.


Capitalism entails the private ownership of natural resources and capital goods, by a class of owners called capitalists, either individually, collectively or through a state apparatus that operates for a profit or serves the interests of capital owners. Money was primarily a standardized medium of exchange, and final means of payment, that serves to measure the value of all goods and commodities in a standard of value. It eliminates the cumbersome system of barter.


The Cambridge history of capitalism. Volumen I(Cambridge University Press, 2014 (3era reimpresión 2015) / HB 501 C8 / Cita bibliográfica:


Habitual Societal Leeches will be on the rise under a Trumpredator administration. #CorporateGreed


HISTORY OF IDEAS - Capitalism Though capitalism seems like just plain common-sense nowadays, it is a theory of human society with a distinctive history and set of assumptions. By: The School of Life.

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Socialism’s Failures, Capitalism’s Constraints

This illustration of the Capitalist System was published in 1911 in an edition of the Industrial Worker. The Industrial Worker, “the voice of revolutionary industrial unionism,” is the newspaper of the Industrial Workers of the World (Source: Wikipedia)


Over 1,000 U.S. military veterans are planning to & deploy & to join the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and peacefully support the water protectors' fight against the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline near Cannon Ball, North Dakota.

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Comparing Economic Systems Worksheet: Capitalism Vs. Communism

This is a very simple worksheet that gives a brief introduction to the Cold War and describes the differences between communism and capitalism. Students use the graphic to complete several analysis and compare/contrast questions.