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A series of 11th-century crystal Chess Pieces from the Museo da Catedral in Ourense, Spain, which have never before left the cathedral.

The National History of Iceland contains many unique relics, including this wonderful set of pieces for the Viking version of chess.

from The Last Viking Returns

Harald Bluetooth

Viking Chess Piece, Danish or Norwegian 12th Century, Found on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland

16 Year Old Joshua Colas Is Already an Aspiring Chess Grandmaster - Joshua Colas is only 16 years old but is already ranked 239th out of 57,000 chest players throughout the U.S. who are registered with the U.S. Chess Federation. His intent is to become a chess grandmaster.

Found on the Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland, before 11 April 1831 acquired by the British Museum between November 1831 and January 1832. Publication History: Madden, Sir Frederic, "Historical remarks on the introduction of the game of chess into Europe and on the ancient chessmen discovered in the Isle of Lewis," in Archaeologia

Aryeh Klein carving chess pieces in front of his tent in the detainment camp in Cyprus

Some of the Lewis Chessmen may not have been chessmen at all according to new research. The 12th and 13th century gaming pieces which were discovered in Uig on the Isle of Lewis in 1831 may have been used in a game called hnefatafl – an ancient Viking board game that pre-dates chess.

Hnefatafl - popular Norse board game that pre-dates Chess. One side, the white pieces in this set, plays a thane defending a territory. The other side plays invaders. When Chess became more popular it was common to use one's Hnefatafl pieces as chessmen. The famous Lewis Chess Set is believe to be partly made up of repurposed Hnefatafl pieces.