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Gummy Bear Government is a fun little activity to hold in the classroom. By using different coloured gummy bears (and prior knowledge in previous lessons), students can represent the different forms of government found across the world. This allows students to have a clearer understanding of how democracy works globally and how global democracies compare to Australia's (Reynolds, 2014). Through this, students can appreciate Australian democracy and their involvement in their own communities.

This clever twist on the classic cootie catcher tests your knowledge of the first 10 amendments. Can you guess the rights behind each amendment? #DIY #July4th

This clever twist on the classic cootie catcher tests your knowledge of the first 10 amendments. Can you guess the rights behind each amendment? #DIY #July4th


6 foundational principles of the constitution worksheet - Google Search

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Types of Government: Interactive Notebook Activity and History Lab

Kids love glue, scissors and engagement. why not combine this love with learning about the types of government around the world? This mini unit focuses on the four basic government systems: monarchy, dictatorship, democracy, and republic. Students will complete a note taking activity with a notebook foldable and then experience each form of government in a History Lab! A History Lab is a hands on activity that allows students to experience history and not just read about it!

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Roots of Democracy Game, Reading Passage with Question, and Posters

Roots of Democracy Set - 24 question/task cards, game board, 2 posters, 2 practice/assessment sheets.Many possibilities for classroom use.Set includes: 2 posters/anchor charts for classroom display- 1 poster for direct democracy and 1 for representative democracy. 24 task/scoot question cards with a recording sheet.-Great as a whole class review activity or small group center activity.


FLVS Civics: Going Global - Forms of Government - YouTube

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HASS Year 6 Australian History - What is Democracy?

HASS It can be tricky for children to understand the concept of democracy. In order to explore the experiences of Australian democracy as outlined in the Australian Curriculum (ACHASSK135) students must first understand what democracy is. This activity is designed to help students to compare scenarios and sort them in to democratic and non-democratic categories.

"Vote: The Machinery of Democracy," an Interactive exhibition from the Smithsonian looks at the history of voting methods in the U.S., which are as varied as the individual states and their local election districts.

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Close Read: History of Halloween

Close Read: History of Halloween FREEBIE ....Follow for Free "too-neat-not-to-keep" teaching tools & other fun stuff :)

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American Symbols Flip Book

American Symbols flip book- Has fill in the blank facts about each symbol. I love combing ELA and Social Studies! $