Obama is attempting to alienate Israel from the rest of the world in the interest of creating a pro terrorist Palestinian state. ➡ISLAM teaches to hate America and JEWS! ➡BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA has been working his ENTIRE life to have ISLAM dominate the world.

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This money should go to our vets and first responders notillegal immigrants! Think of how much that would help offset healthcare needs in our country! We should take care of our American family first.

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Islam, the Quran, and the Five Pillars All Without a Flamewar

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Depicting the prophet Mohammed

There are many other types of prophets in Islam but one of the major one is Muhammed is the prophet of Islam.

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"Ibn Khaldun was a brilliant North African polymath of Arab descent who was born Tunis but travelled extensively throughout North Africa. He was a statesman, philosopher, Islamic theologian and jurist, historian, astronomer, mathematician, economist, poet, and social scientist and is widely considered to be the father of historiography, cultural history, demography, philosophy of history, and sociology." - @Davia Bailey

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The Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooter is a Muslim convert who years before joining the U.S. Army took on an Islamic name (Aashiq Hammad), downloaded terrorist propaganda and recorded Islamic religious music online, according to public records dug up by the investigative news site of an award-winning, California journalist. This is pertinent information that the ObamaRead the full post

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