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12 Amazing Throwback Pics of Your Favorite Fast Food Chains

1930 First Location: Corbin, KY Bite of History: Harland Sanders's first outpost of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Sanders Court and Café, was located in the front room of a local gas station in Corbin, Kentucky. Word spread quickly that Sanders's special recipe for fried chicken cooked in an iron skillet was finger-lickin' good.

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KFC | KFC was created by Colonel Sanders, who became the emblem of the logo ... Look at the 1952 Icon. In Tucson, Arizona in 1961 for me, I was 6 years old. I got my first KFC also by this Historical moment in my Life. I like the food, just expensive to get it all the time.

1970's KFC....before it became just 3 letters (but still just as "good" for you then as it is now ).Please,the ad should have been a warning to all about it's "nutrition "