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Vertical Farming: Feeding our future!

Vertical Farming: Feeding our future! An interesting article about the history of nations trying to feed themselves and the future of food security.

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1955 - Singapore-Malaya Postage stamps and postal history of Singapore - Wikipedia

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A view of the stone Anubis Guards at the Ancient Egypt zone in Universal Studios Singapore! Be sure to visit when you're in town.

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Our Way of Life - Singapore - YourSingapore

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Japanese soldiers parading through the streets of Singapore. The fall of Singapore to the Japanese Army on February 15th, 1942 is considered one of the greatest defeats in the history of the British Army and probably Britain’s worst defeat in World War Two. The fall of Singapore in 1942 clearly illustrated the way Japan was to fight in the Far East – a combination of speed and savagery

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Singapore Sling 2

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Butterflies of Singapore: Life History of the Blue Pansy

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National Museum of Singapore

Rec from Mimi: has a fascinating exhibit on street food, and it has these interactive walking tours through history told through different people’s eyes – opium addicts, triad gangs, servants to the British, construction workers, etc.

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Fort Canning Lighthouse, Singapore

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The creation of the Singapore Flag is very significant in the design history of Singapore as it was created in the year Singapore gained full internal self-governance. Also, the design accommodates the racial ideals of Singapore's largest ethnic groups and reconciled the different race symbols and ideals

The History of Singapore The Miracle of Asia Full Documentary | Asia ...

A Brief History

The History of the Singapore Sling #Infographic

The History of the Singapore Sling #Infographic #Food #History

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History Of Singapore 新加坡的歷史 (II) Part 1

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Creating and putting together this classroom collaborative mosaic poster of Rosa Parks is a great way for the whole class to cooperate for mutual success! This a great complement to civil rights lessons.

Rosa Parks Collaboration Portrait Poster - Great Black History Month Activity

Creating and putting together this classroom collaborative mosaic poster of Rosa Parks is a great way for the whole class to cooperate for mutual success! This a great complement to civil rights lessons.

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Crossroads A Popular History of Malaysia & Singapore

Leather Forever: An exhibition of Hermès Leather. Learn more about the history of the house, material, and le Savoir-Faire of some of the most iconic pieces from the house #leatherforever #hermes #exhibition #history #marinabaysands #artisan #explore #singapore

The Lost History of Singapore’s Secretly Influential Drum and Bass Scene

The untold story of how a few DJs took the sound from sweaty storefront raves to the Lion City’s biggest clubs and back again.

Singapore Zoo, Singapore Horrible ! Libertad para los animales.

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No regrets over 17-year political detention: Poh Soo Kai

The book, which covers much of Singapore’s history in the turbulent 1950′s and 1960′s, seeks “to explain and debunk the official Singapore historical narrative”. Poh played a significant role in the modern history of Singapore as former assistant secretary-general of the Barisan Sosialis, the breakaway

The History of #Singapore (2011) by Jean E. Abshire (via

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Singapore, Singapore Discovery Walk: Clarke Quay Leisure Walk

Clarke Quay was very important to the history of Singapore, playing a key role in the city-state’s trade affairs.. Clarke Quay is now an exciting and thriving hub of nightlife activity with its bars, restaurants, trendy cafés, jazz clubs and much more.

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Black and White House, Singapore. Black & White bungalows are heritage homes belonging to the state, but today they are rented out as homes.

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Fort Canning Lighthouse also known as Fort Canning Light is located on top of Fort Canning Hill and was formerly one of the 13 important lighthouses in the Straits of Malacca. Located nearby with The Flagstaff and the Time Ball, the three navigation structures played an essential role during the early maritime history of Singapore. by SK HO 02/08/2014

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