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Vietnam I will never forget the feeling I had at the wall...Thank you to all those who have given their lives.

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Vietnam War Summary - Why Did The Vietnam War Start?


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19 Feb 1968, Khe Sanh, South Vietnam --- Marine Cpl. Bruce Lint (L) of Meriden, Connecticut and another Marine (unidentified) provide a little musical entertainment for fellow leathernecks at this fortress in northwestern south Vietnam. A radio operator and interpreter with a reconnaissance unit, Cpl. Lint isn't practicing his trade much recently. since the North Vietnamese have Khe Sanh almost surrounded, any recon outfit travelling very far would risk capture. --- Image by ©…

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The story of an underage US Marine who fought in the Vietnam War has been uncovered. Dan Bullock joined the US Marines so that he could join the fight against the Viet Cong during the Vietnam W

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Marine Jimmy Logan playing a dog in front of a M48 Patton tank.

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A newspaper by the New York Times on the cease-fire in Vietnam. I'm inferring that this resolution was a great moment for the people of that time to hear of the cease-fire. How did this news first get out, and how did political leaders feel about the news?

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These 15 Incredibly Rare Historical Photos Will Leave You Speechless

REFUSE TO DEPLOYED OR FIGHT SOLDIERS! THERE CURRENTLY IS NO WAR WORTH DYING FOR, the was on Terror is a manifestation of the Greedy Alumni. This poignant photo is of a soldier in Vietnam, 1965.

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John Olson. Cu Chi, South Vietnam, November, 1967: Colt .45 and flashlight in hand, wearing a gas mask, "tunnel rat" Sp4 Richard Winters of 2nd Battalion, 27th Infantry, 25th Infantry Division cautiously lowers himself into a 1,000-foot-long Viet Cong tunnel found in Vietnam's "Iron Triangle."

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