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Sometimes a review of a Hitler biography is just a review of a Hitler biography—and sometimes not. On Tuesday, the New York Times book reviews covered a new volume on the rise of Hitler. Funny thing is, though the Times review mentions no one except...

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Adolf Hitler was the charismatic leader of the NAZI party who became chancellor of Germany in 1933. He soon brought all authority in Germany to himself. Hitler used the dissatisfaction of the German people because of their humiliating defeat during WWI and the horrendous state of the economy to unite the nation in a common cause. In just 6 years he was able to rejuvenate the economy and create a powerful army. With his invasion of Poland in 1939, he set out to conquer Europe.

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Many Hitler biographies make the erroneous claim that Hoffmann was the only man allowed to photograph Hitler. A cursory examination of Hitler photos shows this to be a canard.

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Captain America punches Hitler. is like Cracked but with no snarky commentary.

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Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy by Eric Metaxas, Timothy J. Keller (suggested read by Rick Muthiah)

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DER FÜHRER DER GROßEDEUTCHES REICH ADOLPH HITLER as a baby (kleine "wolf welf" nicht ?,LoL!

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