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Hitler Birthplace

Gasthaus zur Pommer, Hitler's Birthplace, to be Converted Into a Museum Dedicated to His Crimes -


Adolf Hitler's Birthplace May Soon Be Destroyed

Adolf Hitler's Birthplace May Be Destroyed -

Adolf Hitler's childhood home may be be seized by authorities

Austrian MPs vote to seize Adolf Hitler's childhood home to reduce neo-Nazi appeal

Hitler's Austrian Birthplace Will Be Home For Disability Charity

One wonders what the Austrian government will do as it takes control of Adolf Hitler's birthplace in Braunau.

Even Austria’s far right wants to demolish Hitler’s birthplace

Would You Live In Hitler's Home?

Hitler's Birthplace In Braunau, Austria, Now Empty, Sparks Debate Over Proper Future (VIDEO)


Austrian government wants to seize Adolf Hitler's birthplace

Austrian officials want to seize the landmark property in the town of Braunau am Inn to prevent it becoming a neo-Nazi shrine after the current owner refused to sell it to them.