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Hitler Eye Color

Joseph Menglele the "Angel of Death", reserved a special barracks for his twin subjects, as well as for dwarfs, cripples and other "exotic specimens." The barracks was nicknamed the Zoo, Mengele's holding pen. Several twins were castrated or sterilized. Many twins had limbs and organs removed in macabre surgical procedures that Mengele performed without using an anesthetic. Other twins were injected with infectious agents to see how long it would take for them to succumb to various diseases.


Eyes playing tricks on me again…


Goebbels wrote about his first meeting with Hitler: "I was fascinated by Hitlers blue eyes...". Traudl Junge, his last secretary often told in interviews, that "...people were amazed about Hitler's blue eyes....". Martha Dodd writes in her book that, "Hitler's eyes were startling and unforgettable - they seemed pale blue in color, were intense, unwavering, hypnotic."

Lady Liberty would be totally distressed and horrified by the outcome of the 2016 election!!