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Hitler and Goebbels.

March, 1932 in Munich. Hitler carries his black hat

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Adolf Hitler at Tempelhof, 1938.

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Beer Hall Putsch Germany Hitler

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The cover of the 8 December 1963 issue of the Italian weekly newspaper Domenica del Corriere. The illustration is captioned “Eva Braun tried to kill herself because Adolf Hitler did not want to marry her,” and is attributed to accounts given by Hitler’s secretary Christa Schroeder (who was pretty staunchly anti-Eva).

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Kehlsteinhaus (Eagle's Nest)

"Eagles nest" Near the salt mines of Berchtesgaden is a mountain retreat called Obersalzberg ("above the salt mountain"). At the top of Obersalzberg is a house known as "Eagle's Nest." Hitler built this house and was only here 14 times on official buiness.

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Hitler speaking with an elderly German woman who had lived in the old German Empire during the days of Otto Von Bismarck, who originally united the German lands in 1871.

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Фото WW2 Colourised Photos.

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