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Better Life For Local HIV Patients and Other News - Read here: #News

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HIV prophylaxis... if a patient refuses HIV testing after a healthcare worker has a needle stick injury.... do not test the patient and go ahead and place the healthcare worker on HIV prophylaxis

HIV prophylaxis::: if the source patient has a high CD4 count and a low viral load, then 2 nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors are used for 4 weeks... if the source patient had a high viral load and low CD4 count, then 2 nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors + 1 protease inhibitor is used for 4 weeks

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"Truvada has been approved by the FDA for HIV prophylaxis" is at

HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Post-Exposure Prophylaxis and Early Treatment: An Integration - Read here: #MedicalPapers #HIV #HIVAIDS #hivpep #HIVPREP #PEP #PREP

HIV Post-exposure Prophylaxis: Future Research Methodological Challenges and Potential Approaches - Read here: #MedicalPapers #AIDS #HIV #HIVAIDS #hivpep #PEP

Pre-exposure prophylaxis #PrEP has been making headlines. But the messages aren't always clear. Get the facts in this video