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Do you understand your health care plan? How does it work? All health care plans are not created equal, but here is a general overview of the major concepts behind how many health care plans work.


7 Emergency Tips Every First-Time Homeowner Needs to Know

Turn the knob or lever clockwise (“right-y tight-y”) and you’ll cut off the water supply. Related video on Yahoo Makers: 6 Lazy—But Valuable—Home Improvement Projects  3.


Love this! Great for every binder! Even some customizable templates to get a cover photo like hers, and a tutorial! To Do List, Daily Weekly Chore Schedule, Monthly Zone Chores, Monthly Bill Pay Schedule, Monthly Budget, Contact List Friends/Family/Medical Health/Insurance/Utilities Services/School, Website Usernames Passwords, Books and Movies, Auto Maintenance Log, Household Projects, Meal Planning, Inventories, and more.

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EPO Health Insurance—What It Is & How It Works

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Attention solo practitioners: If you aren't currently offering health insurance, you may find that you qualify for a group PPO. Premiums may even be lower than for an individual HMO.