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HMS Illustrious awaiting her final voyage, December 2016, headed to Turkey for breaking up. In service 1982-2014.

Illustrious HMS Illustrious cutting through the water at speed to enable aircraft to land on her deck. This WWII photo( taken in the period 1940-1942) was taken just after a Swordfish had made a landing. The deck crew are taking it to the forward lift.

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HMS Illustrious Launched on British Pathé. Cinema film lasting about one minute.

Raid on Taranto by Anthony Saunders. The balance of maritime power in the Mediterranean was transformed at a stroke by the British air attack which disabled three Italian battleships in a few minutes. The target was the core of Mussolinis fleet, tucked away in Taranto Harbour, in southern Italy. The attack, codenamed Operation Judgement, took place in bright moonlight by twenty-one Swordfish from the British carrier HMS Illustrious. In the confined space of the harbour, their torpedoes had