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i cannot take Gus seriously...I feel like he is going to do a witty comeback even though I know its supposed to be romantic...

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This is a great book read it then watch the movie I read this book in a week and it's very long!!!

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it's funny because dule was actually in that movie. Holes/Psych/Love

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“No one cares about Hector Zeroni.” “I do.” Holes, 2003. Directed by Andrew Davis. when someone says they dont like holes , im always a bit suspicious of them from that point after

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I loved this movie. This is honestly the point where I went from absolutely hating him as an actor to loving him

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You've got to go and dig those holes, with broken hands and whithered soles, emancipated from all you know, you've got to go and dig those holes

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Pretty much. This is what the characters would say to me ~the selection series~ ~ red queen~ ~ the jewel series~ ~HARRY POTTER~

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I don’t know. A side quest where these three go undercover as young offenders in order to find an item/save someone. In which Percy and Leo are in their element as delinquents and Jason is struggling internally and cannot get into character to save...

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