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How I went from $5K a year to $5K a month as a holistic nutritionist (+ a free download)

Are you struggling to make enough income in your holistic health business? Ashley Srokosz, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, shares her 8 year journey in her business from less than $5,000 a YEAR to $5,000 a month, including what programs she launched, marketing strategies she tried, and what finally helped her reach her income goals. This is perfect for holistic nutritionists, health coaches, essential oil business owners, or yoga teachers!

6 You are a healer. No matter whether you’re a holistic practitioner (Massage Therapist, Chiropractor or Acupuncturist) who struggles with absorbing client’s negative energy. Maybe you’re an intuitive reader and you rely on your ability to feel the pain of your clients. Or you’re a Lightworker or Empath who still feels uncertain of your soul purpose. I understand your burdens and you are in the right place! #Empath #Lightworker #healer


The opportunities for Holistic Therapy practitioners to make a living in the wellness industry are better today than ever before.


Become a Holistic Health Professional ✓ Study online from home. ✓ Embrace well being. ✓ Begin your holistic career. ✓ Apply for admissions online in a few easy steps. This is your chance to become a profitable Holistic Health Care Provider! Our online classes are designed to meet your needs and provide flexibility to fit your time schedule, lifestyle and budget.


5 ways to smoothly add network marketing into your holistic business

Are you struggling to build a holistic health business, or do you just want to work less hours and make more money? Click here to learn 5 ways to smoothly add network marketing into your holistic health business, including my warnings about what companies to stay away from. This is perfect for holistic nutritionists, health coaches, or yoga teachers!


How Does Distance Reiki Work

Energy is not limited by time or space. Just as a cell phone uses a signal to reach another phone, an individual does not need to be in physical proximity to talk. Thus, a Reiki practitioner does not need to be close to someone in order to perform Reiki... reiki | energy healing | holistic healing | law of attraction | reiki healing | positive thinking | chakras | intuition | manifestation | positive mindset | holistic health


FAQs: What is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

What is an NTP? I have been certified through the Nutritional Therapy Association as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP). I have completed an very intensive training which qualifies me to use...