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Holland Population

"Holland is not a dense country, but an empty city" ➖ Comparing the Netherlands with some metropolitan areas across the world. I'm not going to go into the usage of the word 'Holland' here as that discussion has been done countless times. Also I don't take the title very seriously but find the comparison of densities quite interesting. This is a map that can induce quite some discussion and rightfully so. ➖ #map #maps #cartograhy #geography #topography #netherlands #holland #density…

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Where the south of Noord Holland is very busy and populated, the more north you travel, the more quite it get’s. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still The Netherlands. ‘Quite’ is relative here. And that’s why, if you really want to unwind, relax and dive into nature, the Schoorlse Duinen is the place you are looking for.

Gladecrest - Gladecrest was founded near the end of 1913. By January 1914 the population was 20, and by spring of 1915 it was 72(Peak Population). The Holland and Butterworth Co. enticed people to purchase the land site unseen, with claims that one acre could support an entire family, since four crops could be grown each year. They also claimed there were no frosts, and not even any mosquitos.

The Bell County Democrat (Belton, Tex.) represents late-19th and early-20th century life in central Texas. Bell County was founded in 1850, within which is the center of population for the State of Texas, located in the Bell County town of Holland. "Center of population" refers to the geographical point that represents the center-point of a given region's population. Browse the collection here:

Triangular opacities seen medially in both breasts represent the sternalis muscle, which is present in ~5% of the population. Case courtesy Dr Mark Holland | Radiology Case |


This is the side of the Bazar coffee shop in Apeldorn, Holland. I popped into East Holland last year from West Germany to cover a few extra cities: Hengelo, Arnhem, Zupthen, Haarlem, Koog, Dordrecht, Haaksbergen, Delft, Aalsmeer, Amstelveen, Nieuw Vennep, Zondam and Nimegen. Yes, even Hengelo. When I went there I think I pretty much doubled the population! You’d be amazed where you can find graf!


Spunky seniors invite you to lunch in delightful Meals on Wheels campaign By Katie Dupere2016-07-16 12:03:00 UTC Lola Silvestri is 94 years old and absolutely electric. Her house is unapologetically covered in bold pink damask-print wallpaper and tiny amusing trinkets. Shes bubbly and fiercely independent and shes ready to eat. Lola is inviting you to lunch. And its an honor. Lola is one of seven seniors featured in a new campaign from Meals on Wheels a nationwide network of…


The Flood Next Time

The last house on Holland Island in Chesapeake Bay, which once had a population of almost 400, finally toppled in October 2010. As the water rose and the island eroded, it had to be abandoned. The Flood Next Time | New York Times

Lords of the Soil #history #genealogy #northcarolinapioneers Lords of the SoilBy Jeannette Holland AustinPictured is George Durant receiving a deed from the chief of the Yeopim Indians. In 1653 Roger Green led a company across the wilderness from Nansemond in Virginia to the Chowan River and settled near Edenton. The settlement was a prosperous one and soon others followed. In 1662 George Durant purchased of the Yeopim Indians the neck of land situated on the North-side of Albemarle Sound…