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Fortune's Holly Fern | Exceptional fern for interesting form and texture. Fronds are stiff, upright and dark green arching outward from the center of the plant. Fast-growing; 1'-2' tall and 1.5'-2' wide. Full to partial shade.

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Holly Fern Facts – Learn How To Grow A Holly Fern Plant

Growing Holly Ferns: Information On Holly Fern Care - Holly fern, named for its serrated, sharp tipped, holly like leaves, is one of the few plants that will grow happily in the dark corners of your garden. Read this article to learn about the care of holly ferns and see if this plant is right for you.

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Brighten a Shady Spot - 122 Container Gardening Ideas


Holly Fern (Arachniodes simplicior)

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How to Bring Boston Fern Indoors in the Winter

Boston ferns (Nephrolepis exaltata), also known as sword ferns, are prized for their masses of attractive, tropical-looking foliage and an easier-to-grow nature than other ferns. This fern survives ...