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Testing: Holter Monitor ~ A Holter monitor is a portable heart rhythm recorder. If your doctor suspects a heart rhythm problem, she may ask you to wear one for one or two days. It  records the heart's continuous electrical activity day and night, compared with an EKG, which is a snapshot in time. The doctor will probably also ask you to keep a log of your activities and to note any symptoms and when they occur.


There are several ways doctors predict your vulnerability to heart disease, among them: cholesterol levels, blood pressure, blood glucose levels and weight.


von Willebrand's Disease (vWD is a bleeding disorder in Dobermans) Hip dysplasia Thyroid function Liver function cardiac screening (holter monitor/cardiac ultrasound) CERF (vision test) BAER (hearing test for Whippets)

For no more than the cost of an auto repair, I had a life-threatening heart rhythm problem uncovered by SuddenLife. Thank you for saving my life!


VIDEO: ZIO® PATCH VIDEO: Instead of a bulky holter monitor, the Zio® Patch cardiac monitor (iRhythm) looks similar to a 2- by 5-inch adhesive bandage and sticks to a patient's chest. Electrophysiologist Steven Higgins, MD of Scripps Health talks about this single-use ambulatory cardiac monitor; the device can continuously monitor their heart rhythm for up to 14 days. TV news story. 2:10 min. Uploaded May 2012. #afib