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You are sealed by the Holy Spirit of God!

There are nine fruits of the Holy Spirit, which should grow as a result of being indwelt by Him.Extra benefits are reaped!


What is the role of the Holy Spirit? Rev. Harris looks at the various words used to describe the Holy Spirit to help us understand His function in the life of the Christian and the church. // The John Ankerberg Show


This week, if you have a difficult conversation coming up, ask the Holy Spirit to fill you with his power. If you have a lot to do or if there's something that makes you anxious or stressed, pray, "Holy Spirit, fill me with your power." #UnstoppableGod

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30 Things The Holy Spirit Does Today

The Holy Spirit has a very vital role in the life of the believer and is the present manifestation of God on earth today. Here are 30…

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Holy Spirit

The same power that raised Christ from the dead is living in you. Romans 8:11. Check Out 25 Important Bible Verses About The Holy Spirit