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Crockery and Flatware Infographic|This could be useful for low English proficiency ELLs either seeking to expand their vocabulary, or are taking home economics type electives.


We're on Day 25 of this 31 Day series - LOTS of DIY and practical stuff related to our homes.


Home economics can be a fun and important part of educating your children. This guide leads you through the steps of creating your own homeschool home economic curriculum, which can be easily personalized to a child's goals, interests and strengths. We'll help you set your goals, and develop classes and lessons to teach your children fundamental skills.

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Teach Your Kids About .... Home Ec

TweetOne subject that has essentially been dropped in the public system is home economics, but as homeschoolers we have the opportunity to incorporate it into our every day. Here are some great resources to check out: Home Economics & Life … Continue reading →

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Homeschooling for Free and Frugal: Teaching Home Economics for Free

teaching home economics ~ lots of links with ideas for home ec for both boys and girls and different ages.

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Home Economics Curriculum Activities

Home Economics Curriculum Activities...we made an apron, gym bag and bakes cookies....I HATED that class.


Life Skills covers a broad range of subjects, with chapters on home economics, at the office, at play, technical topics, and social issues. It is a light-hearted and funny guide that is not your usual "self-help" book. Rather, it is a unique collection and simple guide to the many skills it takes people a lifetime to learn and perfect. A quick and easy read, Life Skills will certainly teach readers many new things and supply them with plenty of conversation points for their next party.


Home Economics Lesson Plans

Home Economics Worksheet - Free Printable Worksheets