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Henry Hoover was the original architect of this stunning mid century home built in 1958. "Sculpted to the Land" is the project title for the restoration


The Old Hoover building, London. This could be overdoing it a bit for an entrance way for my dream home, but it is pretty


Somebody will have to stain their hands with blood - Bertolt Hoover | Bertholdt Fubar | Colossal Titan | Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan | SnK | AoT


Lou Hoover-In 1916 while the great war raged, future President Herbert Hoover and his family lived in London. One night he and Lou heard the sounds of a Zeppelin raid. They found their sons' bedroom empty. Finally found the boys on the roof. Instead of hauling the boys downstairs, Herbert and Lou sat with them and the whole family watched a Zeppelin being shot down. The following day Herbert took the two boys to the crash site to collect a few pieces of the airship.