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At first I think Nora will struggle financially and will soon find a small job like the one she had trying to pay off her debt.

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Im from a small town and never really saw homeless people but whenever i would visit a bigger city or moved here to chico i saw alot more homeless people and began to realize that we need to find a way to help these people.

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Why do we call them "homeless" people? People don't refer to me as a "house" person and we don't call people "condo" or "apartment" people. We focus so much I'm the "homeless" part that we forget the "people" part. <3

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"What was it like being homeless?" I asked. "I was cold a lot. I didn't have shoes for a couple months." "Which months?" "December through march." "Wow." "Yeah, you don't realize how nice shoes are until you don't have them."

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20 Things You Didn’t Know About Homeless People >>

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How to Help Homeless People in the Wintertime

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This Graffiti Artist Spray Paints Dream Homes For Homeless People

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