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Homemade mascara: All natural and eye friendly

Homemade mascara - Do you want long and strong eyelashes? Try 2 tsp coconut oil (where to find coconut products) 4 tsp aloe vera gel (like this) 1/2 tsp grated bees wax 1 – 2 capsules of activated charcoal (for black) when using charcoal tablets, carefully pull them apart, and empty them by gently squeezing and releasing the tablet (This stuff stains, so use caution) or cocoa powder (for brown) & a clean mascara container

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Homemade Natural Mascara -

Homemade Natural Mascara. Did you know you can make your own mascara, naturally? You can!! This stuff is great. It moisturizes your lashes, keeps them healthy and soft, and doesn't ever flake.

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Homemade Mascara Recipe That Works

A Homemade Mascara recipe made with all natural ingredients that really works. It doesn't run, thickens and lengthens lashes and is easy to make. Mascara

Homemade mascara: All natural and eye friendly

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Mineral-Based Lavender Homemade Mascara

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22 DIY Cosmetics

Homemade Natural Blush | A homemade blush would be perfect for your makeup kit. | Life hacks from girls from #LifeHacks #youresopretty

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Make Your Own Deodorant & Other Natural Beauty Products (Infographic)

Make Your Own Deodorant & Other Natural Beauty Products (Infographic)

When losing weight, you may be tempted to buy the latest weight loss products that guarantee quick weight loss. There are tips from over the years that still aid in weight loss. Here are some tips that have retained their popularity through the years...

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Make Your Own Natural Clay Mascara

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