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from Club 31 Women

Homemaking 101: Twelve Daily Disciplines For The Beginning Homemaker

Whether you're a new homemaker - or simply looking for a "refresher course"- this inspiring article is for you! Concise, helpful, step-by-step instructions. ~ from Club31Women

from Retro Housewife Goes Green

7 Vintage Homemaking Skills That Save You Money

Many of us are searching for a simpler and more frugal life, looking to the past may help. Homemakers of the past were frugal and eco-friendly without really thinking about it. It's just what you did.

from Equipping Godly Women

How To Create A Homemaking Routine You Can Stick With

How to Create a Homemaking Routine You Can Actually Stick With -- What a great idea! I could actually do this! Wonder if it would really work?


61 Essential Skills for Homemakers {how many of these can you do?} | Homemakers develop serious skills! Here are 61 essential homemaking skills. How many can you do? Which do you want (or need) to learn? Follow the links -- even for life and death situations like a choking infant -- and you'll find simple and easy instructions to take your homemaking to a whole new level! |

from Simple Living Mama

How To Create a Homemaking Binder with Free Printables

I’ve been working on putting together my 2016 homemaking binder for a few days now, and I’m excited to show it to you! I love being able to customize my binder, my way. There are tons of free printables floating around on the web. You can create an entire homemaking binder with freebies! Let me …

from Embracing a Simpler Life

Homemaking Is a Ministry

I love this. Really beginning to feel like this could be a calling for me... Homemaking Is a Ministry | Embracing a Simpler Life

from Snippets of Inspiration

The Idle Housewife: 3 Ways to Combat Lazy Behavior

Ever had a hard time getting work done around the house because you'd rather be doing other things? This post will change your outlook! :)

from Richly Rooted

The Four Simple Pleasures I Enjoy Every Single Day

There are four rituals I take part in every day that are especially ordinary, but particularly satisfying. Taking note of them helps me to live deeply.

from Embracing a Simpler Life

Why You Should Care About Homemaking (as a 21st Century Woman)

Why you should care about homemaking as a 21st century woman


I always appreciate being able to look at examples for my home keeping tasks.  I’m just sharing today in a simple list format my home keeping tasks broken down into daily, weekly, monthly, semi annual and annual tasks. @mferrell