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Homestead Strike - July 6, 1892


Homestead Strike - National Guard patrol the main street


Homestead Carnegie Library, Munhall, Pennsylvania books fly off the stacks for no reason. doors open and close by themself , loud disembodied voices, the ghosts of old steel hands still dressed in their sooty mill outfits wander about the structure.


The Homestead Strike was a bloody labor confrontation lasting 143 days in 1892, one of the most serious in U.S. history. The conflict was centered on Carnegie Steel's main plant in Homestead, Pennsylvania, & grew out of a dispute between the National Amalgamated Assoc of Iron & Steel Workers of the United States & the Carnegie Steel Company. Carnegie left on a trip to Scotland before the unrest peaked. Carnegie left mediation of the dispute in the hands of his associate & partner Henry…


This is a picture of the Homestead Strike. Many other workers and I went on strike due to a pay cut of about 23%.


Elf on the Shelf on STRIKE! In LOVE with this idea as a way to get kids to behave even when the Elf if around and they're not behaving.

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When Pinkertons Sent to Break a Strike Were Forced to Surrender

Homestead Strike - Strike supported by the American Federation of Labor. Ended when the Governor of Pennsylvania sent a mafia to stop it.


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The Homestead Strike of 1892. Sucks to be Carnegie. Good thing my workers will never strike on me.